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Kathniel Break Up Issue!

Kathniel attended an event before they broke up!

Kathryn and Daniel, also known as KathNiel to their fans, attended a special occasion for the prestigious Swiss watch company Omega, for which they serve as brand representatives.

Kathryn shared a post on Instagram, featuring a story by celebrity stylist Pam Quinones, showcasing herself, Daniel, actress Maja Salvador, Maja’s husband Rambo Nuñez who works as Omega’s Public Relations Manager, and Danyl Geneciran, the Editor in Chief of L’Officiel, all posing together for a photograph.

In a different video featuring KathNiel‘s dancing, @lovekn_ indirectly criticized talent manager Ogie Diaz for spreading rumors about the couple’s breakup in his vlog. @lovekn_ made it clear that there was no solid evidence for the rumors and expressed the desire for them to be false.

In 2011, Padilla and Bernardo made their first appearance as a couple in the television series Growing Up.

They also worked together in other projects such as Princess and I, Got to Believe, She’s Dating the Gangster, and The How’s of Us.

It was in 2018 when they officially announced their romantic relationship.

Ogie Diaz to Kathniel Break up Rumor

Ogie Diaz maintained that he did not start any rumors about the alleged breakup of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, or the speculations connecting the actor to Andrea Brillantes.

The comedian-talent manager emphasized his genuine wish that these rumors are unfounded.

On November 12th, during his most recent vlog called “Ogie Diaz Showbiz Update,” Diaz clarified that he simply mentioned rumors that he had heard, emphasizing that he had made it clear multiple times that these allegations were “unverified.”

According to Villarama, only Diaz and her partner can verify or dismiss the rumors. She pointed out that it’s common for couples to have disagreements and occasionally need some space.

In earlier videos, Diaz discussed rumors of a split between the famous couple and rumors of secret meetings between Padilla and Andrea.

However, he was criticized by fans of Bernardo and Padilla for sharing unverified information.

The actor has not publicly addressed the speculation surrounding his relationship with Bernardo and Brillantes, but he did express his admiration for Bernardo in a recent fashion magazine feature.

Kathniel break up Issue comment by Direk Cathy Garcia-Sampana

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, with speculation about their relationship status circulating frequently.

While the couple has faced similar rumors in the past, the latest rumors seem to have a different tone.

Despite their reputation for being one of the most beloved celebrity couples, they’ve been plagued by breakup rumors year after year.

However, it’s important to note that these rumors have yet to be substantiated, and fans continue to support the couple through thick and thin.

What makes it distinct? Because actress Andrea Brillantes is implicated and is said to be the one responsible for the third party involvement.

Daniel addressed the concerns of fans in a prior article, reassuring them that he had everything under control. He conveyed the message that there was no need for them to be concerned.

“Relax na kayo gaming mga Kathniels… tama na ang pag aalala, Breathe… Ako na ang bahala sa lahat,” it stated.

Kathryn and Andrea refrained from commenting on the situation. Nevertheless, it has been six days since Kathryn decided to unfollow Andrea on social media, which only served to intensify the speculation.

In response, Andrea also unfollowed Kathryn, adding fuel to the fire.

Daniel denied the rumors on break up with Kathryn: “Ako na ang bahala, BREATHE”

Kathryn unfollowed Andrea Brillantes on social media

Daniel Padilla reveals his plans on marrying Kathryn

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