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Miles Ocampo and Elijah Canlas Broke Up!

Miles Ocampo and Elijah Canlas dating history

On May 1, Canlas shared a sincere birthday tribute. “Cheers to additional escapades and recollections,” penned the 15-year-old performer Kalel, as they wished a joyful birthday to their most cherished individual on the planet.

Ocampo posted pictures from her birthday party on her Instagram page, including a close-up shot of her and Canlas hugging tightly, in black and white.

Ever since that time, the recently formed couple didn’t hesitate to publicly show their love for one another, often leaving endearing remarks on each other’s posts on various social media platforms.

“Hi crush,” Ocampo wrote under one of Canlas’ posts.

During an interview with Ogie Diaz that was released on Friday, May 27th, Canlas also acknowledged his romantic involvement with Ocampo. “Indeed, we are in a committed relationship,” he affirmed.

“To put it simply, she is outstanding. We are content and deeply satisfied with our current situation.”

The actor further clarified that he had not previously discussed the relationship in order to maintain its confidentiality.

“It pertains to my existence, it pertains to our existence. We are not obligated to disclose every detail of our actions or how our relationship began. I believe that our fans and supporters would also value the knowledge that we are content and in a positive state,” he expressed. While he did not disclose the exact date of the beginning of their relationship, he confirmed that they have been together since last year.

Elijah message for gf Miles Ocampo

Actor Elijah Canlas is a very affectionate partner.

He recently celebrated his girlfriend Miles Ocampo’s birthday by sharing a touching tribute on Instagram, expressing his love and appreciation for her.

Sharing a collection of visual memories showcasing the evolution of the former child star, he expressed his sentiment: “I feel privileged to have been a part of your growth and development, Camille. Your presence in the world is a gift, and I’m thankful to be able to call you my own. Wishing you a joyous birthday, my love!”

Naturally, Miles acknowledged and valued his exertion.

“I responded with a heartfelt message, expressing my deep affection for my dearest buggy butbut. I emphasized my love for them, using a playful and tender nickname, and added a touch of humor with a face holding back tears emoji. I also included a globe emoji to indicate that my love for them knows no boundaries. Here’s the full message: ‘AAAAAYYYYYYY-love you more than anything, my buggy butbut! 😭🌎 All yours, my love.'”

A year ago, Miles generated quite the buzz when he shared intimate photos of the two of them as she recapped her 25th birthday celebrations.

Elijah confirms Break Up with Miles Ocampo

Actor Elijah Canlas has recently announced the end of his relationship with actress Miles Ocampo. However, he emphasized that he will continue to love her and remain her biggest advocate.

In the spring of 2022, actors Elijah Canlas and Miles Ocampo confirmed their romantic relationship, which had been speculated about for some time.

Their love story began on the set of the 2020 drama series “Paano ang Pangako?,” where they both had starring roles.

Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived as a few months back, the performer verified that they had parted ways. The news was kept under wraps, much like their relationship during their time together.

As Canlas embarks on a new romantic connection, he optimistically hopes that this will be his final relationship.

This mindset is a recurring theme for him whenever he starts dating someone new. However, his previous relationship did not last as long as he had hoped, ending after over two years.

When asked by Ganiel Krishnan about the current state of their relationship, Canlas confirmed that they had indeed parted ways.

Elijah is no longer in a romantic relationship with her, but he still holds her in high regard. Despite the breakup, he will continue to support her in all her endeavors and remains her biggest fan.

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