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Craft Coffee: Escape the Ordinary: A Sensory Adventure in Davao City

Craft Coffee Entrance

Craft Coffee Shop: Explore a Unique Coffee Experience

Craft Coffee isn’t your average cup of joe. With two locations in Davao City—Dacudao and Mintal—this coffee haven promises an experience built on meticulous roasting, a dedication to quality beans, and a passion for brewing excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of specialty coffee, Craft Coffee has something to tantalize your taste buds.

Aroma Perception Frame

A Dedication to Freshness: The Santoker Roasting Machine

The heart of Craft Coffee lies in its commitment to fresh, high-quality beans. Unlike many coffee shops that rely on pre-roasted beans, this coffee shop takes the extra step of roasting their beans in-house using a unique Santoker roasting machine at both their Dacudao and Mintal branches. This allows them to meticulously control the roasting process, ensuring each batch reaches its peak flavor potential.

The Santoker roaster is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to Craft Coffee’s dedication to the craft. This specialized roaster allows for precise control over temperature and airflow, resulting in a consistent and even roast across both locations. This precision roasting unlocks the unique flavor profiles of each bean origin, creating a truly exceptional cup of coffee, no matter which Craft Coffee branch you visit.

Santoker Roasting Machine

Beyond the Ordinary: Hot and Iced Coffee Delights

This coffee shop caters to all coffee preferences, offering both hot and iced coffee beverages at both their Dacudao and Mintal branches. Their hot coffee menu features classic favorites like espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos. But for those seeking a more adventurous experience, they also offer a selection of single-origin pour-overs, meticulously brewed to highlight the distinctive notes of each bean.

For those seeking a refreshing caffeine fix, the iced coffee selection is equally impressive. From classic iced lattes to creative concoctions like Vietnamese iced coffee, there’s something for everyone. They use their freshly roasted beans to create a smooth and flavorful iced coffee experience that’s perfect for beating the Davao City heat, no matter which branch you choose.


A Celebration of Brewing Expertise: Exploring Different Beans

Craft coffee isn’t just about the roast; it’s also about the expertise of the baristas at both the Dacudao and Mintal locations. Their brewing area is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. Here, skilled baristas showcase their knowledge and passion by brewing a variety of beans, including exotic imported selections.

Whether you’re curious about the bright acidity of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or the rich and sweet flavor notes of Mt.Apo, Craft Coffee’s baristas can guide you through the experience, regardless of which branch you visit. They can recommend brewing methods that best suit each bean, ensuring you get the most out of your coffee exploration at Craft Coffee.

Brewing Area

A Touch of Sweetness: Delicious Pastries and Desserts

Coffee is undeniably the star of the show at Craft Coffee Shop, but their commitment to a delightful customer experience extends beyond the cup at both their Dacudao and Mintal branches. They offer a selection of mouth-watering pastries and desserts that perfectly complement their coffee creations.

Imagine indulging in a creamy slice of cheesecake alongside your perfectly brewed pour-over, or savoring a warm chocolate chip cookie as you enjoy a comforting latte. These sweet treats elevate the coffee experience, creating a truly satisfying and complete coffee break, no matter which branch of Craft Coffee you choose.

Drinks, Desserts, and Pasta

Davao’s Coffee Sanctuary: Craft Coffee Unveils a World Beyond the Cup

Davao’s coffee scene is buzzing, but Craft Coffee offers a deeper dive for true aficionados. Yes, they brew up fantastic hot and iced coffees, but that’s just the beginning. Unleash your inner barista with their selection of top-tier espresso machines, from beginner-friendly to pro-grade. Craft Coffee equips you with all the tools—grinders and barista essentials—to elevate your coffee ritual.

But the magic truly lies in their bean selection. Explore a global coffee map with unique origins, each unlocking a distinct flavor profile. Don’t forget to personalize your cup with their syrups, sauces, and milk alternatives. The knowledgeable staff fuels your coffee passion, guiding you through equipment, beans, and brewing techniques. It’s more than a store; it’s a coffee community. So, ditch the ordinary and discover Craft Coffee, your one-stop shop for crafting the perfect cup, one bean at a time.

The Craft Coffee Experience: More Than Just a Cup

Craft Coffee, with its locations in Dacudao and Mintal, isn’t just about selling a drink; it’s about fostering a love for high-quality coffee. From the meticulously roasted beans to the skilled brewing techniques, every aspect of Craft Coffee reflects their dedication to the craft.

Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or simply appreciate a good cup of joe, Craft Coffee offers an experience that elevates your senses. It’s a place to discover new flavors, appreciate the artistry of brewing, and indulge in the simple pleasure of a perfectly crafted cup of coffee, no matter which branch you visit in Davao City.

From Bean to Bliss: Your Craft Coffee Journey Starts Here

Forget the burnt aftertaste and explore the world of craft coffee! It is your one-stop shop to elevate your coffee experience, from bean to blissful cup.

Craft Your Perfect Cup: Their selection of barista tools empowers you to become a home barista. Unleash the nuanced flavors with pour-over stands, French presses, or precise grinders. Craving a flavored latte? We offer a delightful array of syrups and sauces, from classic to seasonal.

Espresso Excellence: Calling all espresso enthusiasts! They carry a range of machines, from beginner-friendly to commercial-grade, so you can pull cafe-quality shots at home. Running a cafe? They’ve got you covered with stylish mugs, storage solutions, and cleaning supplies to keep your operation running smoothly.

Behind the Scenes: But the journey starts well before your cup. They offer the tools cafes use to ensure bean quality: state-of-the-art roasting machines to unlock the full potential of the beans, and advanced sorting technology to guarantee a perfect roast every time.

Barista Tools and Beans

Visit! Craft Coffee and explore the world of tools and equipment to create delicious, delightful coffee experiences, at home or in your cafe. Craft your perfect cup and ignite your passion! Visit Facebook: Craft Coffee Davao #DavaoCoffee

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