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Elijah Canlas Opens Up About Breakup with Miles Ocampo

“Senior High” actor Elijah Canlas has confirmed the end of his relationship with actress Miles Ocampo.

He shared that the breakup occurred a couple of months ago, citing a recent rough patch and the personal challenges each of them is facing. Despite the separation, Canlas emphasized that there is no animosity between them, expressing ongoing love and support for Ocampo in her endeavors.

Managed by Cornerstone Entertainment, Canlas recently released his debut single, “Kilala Kita,” featured in the teen drama series “Senior High.” The song, written by Canlas, produced by Cavill, and released by Island Records Philippines and Cornerstone Entertainment, revolves around a boy reintroducing himself to a self-centered girl.

Elijah Canlas has been garnering attention for his outstanding acting skills in “Senior High,” where he shares the screen with actress Andrea Brillantes. His performance in the series has been praised for its depth and authenticity, captivating audiences with his ability to portray emotions and navigate complex storylines.

In addition to his career, Elijah Canlas mentioned his support for Brillantes, who is currently facing various challenges. He expressed reluctance to intervene in her personal matters but emphasized his admiration for her as both a person and an artist, offering unwavering support during difficult times.


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