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The Grand Kalimudan Festival 2023 | Sultan Kudarat

The Province of Sultan Kudarat celebrates its 50th Founding anniversary and 25th Kalimudan Festival with the theme “HARMONY IN DIVERSITY: BRIDGING TRADITIONS, EMBRACING TOMORROW”.

As the Kalimudan Festival 2023 will sweep it’s whirlwind of fun, colors, music, and celebration, everyone is needed to prop up themselves for the grandest and biggest event of the year in Sultan Kudarat. Check the highlights and different activities in the Calendar of activities so be captivated and exhilarated as every Kudaratenos come together and make the said festival to remember.

Grand Opening of Kalimudan Festival 2023

The grand opening of 25th Kalimudan Festival is on November 17, 2023 and one of the highlights is the Thematic Parade represented by the different municipalities.

The thematic parade showcase the talent, creativity, and the beautiful and rich culture of Sultan Kudarat. It shows how their constituents and municipalities unite as one and how beautiful it is. Aside from that, there are a lot of activities prepared to make the Kudaratenos excited and entertained. At night, they prepared a fireworks display that indicates the opening of the festival for Sultan Kudarat.

The Enchanted and Grand Stage of Kalimudan Festival 2023

The Enchanted and Grand Stage of this year’s Kalimudan festival makes people excited to come together and witness the different events and programs that is prepared for the people of Sultan Kudarat.

Kalimudan Festival

Since then, the province of Sultan Kudarat gave their constituents a festival that is well prepared and well planned. Different activities and events are prepared for the said festival and this year’s grand stage is really colorful and beautiful that makes Kudaratenos excited and be proud of.

It shows how talented and unique the people in Sultan Kudarat that despite of the differences, they are united to promote and show support for Sultan Kudarat.

Miss Sultan Kudarat 2023

Kalimudan Festival

The Miss Sultan Kudarat 2023 coronation night is on November 21, 2023 at 6 PM. Expect the grandest, brightest, and finest edition of Miss Sultan Kudarat. It aims to give every Kudarateno the best golden pageant finals ever.

Hosted by Miss World 2013 Megan Young and TV Host Billy Crawford with special performances by ALAMAT and Mr. Sam Milby.

Adding luster to the finals night are the world class board of judges who are all gleaming stars in their own field of expertise.

This is more than a pageant experience. This is bringing the brightest stars – all for the Kudaratenyos.

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