You are currently viewing Miss Globe 2023 Malaysia wins;Ph Bet is 2nd Runner Up

Miss Globe 2023 Malaysia wins;Ph Bet is 2nd Runner Up

miss globe 2023

TOP 15

  • Melissandi Matthews (Jamaica)
  • Lilly Sødal (Norway) 
  • Sonia Sallaku (Albania)
  • Aishwarya Paatapati (India)
  • Pimjira Jaroenlak (Thailand)
  • Huang Shiyao (China)
  • Myroslava Lisikhun (Ukraine)
  • Alina Plakhotniuk (Kazakhstan)
  • Dominika Staniaszek (Poland)
  • Daniela Rosales Ma (Venezuela)
  • Head-to-Head challenge winner: South Africa
  • Miss Friendship: Hawaii
  • Best in National Costume: Taiwan
  • Miss Bikini: Brazil
  • Miss Talent: Malaysia 
  • Miss Social Media: Japan
  • Miss Fashion: Albania
  • Miss Eleganza: Czech Republic
  • Miss Photogenic: Laos
  • Miss People’s Choice: Jamaica
  • Miss Golden Girl: Belgium
  • Miss Tourism: Germany
  • Miss Dreamgirl: North Macedonia

Fisrt runner up: Katia Agbodo Rodriguez(Spain)

Second Runner Up: Anna Lakrini (Philippines)

Third runner up:Ugochi Nmeka(Nigeria)

Fourt runner up:Kimberly Casingal(USA)

The Miss Globe pageant is an annual international beauty competition that aims to promote peace, unity, and cultural understanding. The pageant is open to women from all over the world, and it is a platform for them to showcase their beauty, intelligence, and talent.

The Miss Globe pageant was founded in 2014, and it is held in a different country each year. The pageant is a celebration of beauty and diversity, and it brings together women from all walks of life to compete for the coveted title.

The Miss Globe pageant is more than just a beauty contest. It is a platform for women to empower themselves and make a difference in the world. The pageant encourages contestants to use their voices to speak out about important issues, and it provides them with opportunities to give back to their communities.

The Miss Globe pageant is a truly inspiring event, and it is a testament to the power of beauty and diplomacy.

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