Kris Aquino clarifies about the the special ring she gave to Mark Leviste

Kris Aquino Responds to Viral Photo of Ex-Boyfriend Mark Leviste Wearing Eternity Ring

Kris Aquino has addressed the viral photo capturing her ex-boyfriend Mark Leviste still wearing the eternity ring she gifted him. The public’s confusion arises from Kris previously announcing a pause in their relationship due to her ongoing health challenges.

Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino clarified that she bestowed the ring upon Mark as a representation of their “love and friendship,” which she believes persists regardless of their shared journey.

“Marc and I are aware that we need to enhance our communication and prevent misunderstandings. The priority, however, is our children’s welfare,” Kris expressed. She elaborated that the ring symbolized their togetherness during their relationship. Regardless of the outcome, the foundation of their bond, including love, friendship, and fidelity, remains unwavering.

Kris acknowledged her challenging health condition, admitting that her prospects of reaching remission are slim. This realization has encouraged her to appreciate each day and avoid extensive contemplation of the future.

Reflecting on her growth, Kris shared that she would have previously engaged in a discussion with Vice Gov. Marc (spelled with a “C”) about the public nature of the ring’s presence. However, she has since learned to accept both his actions and herself as a whole.

In light of this situation, Kris Aquino’s graceful response to the viral photo showcases her resilience and acceptance, marking a new chapter in her journey.

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