Janella Salvador to Maja Salvador: ‘You deserve the world’

Janella Salvador shared a touching message to celebrate the recent wedding of Maja Salvador. Posting on Instagram, Janella uploaded a picture of Maja in her stunning wedding gown and praised her as one of the industry’s most beautiful souls, always ready to share wisdom. The post also acknowledged their shared involvement in the 2019 show “The Killer Bride,” where Maja portrayed Camila, and Janella joined the cast.


In her post, Janella expressed her joy at witnessing Maja find the love she truly deserves with Rambo Nuñez. She thanked Rambo for being the person he is and concluded by expressing her eternal love for Maja, emphasizing how deserving she is of all the happiness.


Janella also delightedly shared candid behind-the-scenes snapshots from Maja and Rambo’s wedding on her Instagram. Accompanying the photos was a caption exclaiming, “MY PARENTS!!! ARE!!! MARRIED!! I love them so.”




Maja and Rambo reciprocated Janella’s affectionate gesture with their own responses. Maja’s reply read, “We Love You My Emma (Janella’s character in ‘The Killer Bride’),” while Rambo’s response was, “We love you and you know the rest.”


Maja and Rambo’s wedding, held in Bali, Indonesia, just a few days ago, marked the culmination of their journey together. Interestingly, it was disclosed that the couple had previously undergone a legal marriage ceremony on Valentine’s Day, which coincided with their fourth anniversary as a couple. Maja and Rambo’s relationship has deep roots, dating back several years, with a rekindling in 2019. The announcement of their engagement came the year prior.

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