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Trailer for “Inside Out 2”: Pixar Unveils Anxiety, a New Emotion in the Sequel

Inside Out 2


After a six year wait, Pixar has finally released the first trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to their 2015 hit, Inside Out. The original film was a massive success, grossing over $850 million worldwide and winning the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Inside Out charmed audiences and critics alike with its innovative exploration of complex emotions inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley. By anthropomorphizing Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger into warring characters in Riley’s head, the movie brought depth and poignancy to its coming-of-age story. Inside Out is considered one of Pixar’s greatest triumphs, both commercially and critically.

The new trailer hints that the sequel will dive even deeper into the emotional complexities of Riley’s psyche as she navigates the turbulent waters of adolescence. Fans eagerly await the next chapter in this emotional journey.

    New Emotion – Anxiety Reflects Mental Health Sensitivity

Pixar is once again demonstrating its commitment to expanding animated storytelling with the introduction of a new emotion in “Inside Out 2” – Anxiety. This powerful purple character is expected to join the existing cast of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger within the mind of the now teenage Riley.

The inclusion of Anxiety reflects Pixar’s sensitivity towards mental health, especially among today’s youth. Reports show rising rates of anxiety disorders in adolescents. By anthropomorphizing this emotion into a relatable character, Pixar aims to destigmatize mental health struggles. Fans have praised this progressive move, though some express concern over responsible portrayal.

Overall, Anxiety’s addition to the sequel’s emotional spectrum promises to resonate with viewers facing inner turmoil. Her role will likely showcase anxiety’s double-edged nature – from everyday worries to debilitating attacks. Pixar seems set on depicting how emotions, even difficult ones, are core to our shared humanity.

    Voice Cast Changes

One notable change for the sequel is the recasting of Fear and Disgust. In the original film, Bill Hader voiced the neurotic emotion Fear while Mindy Kaling brought plenty of sass to Disgust. However, it was announced earlier this year that Tony Hale and Liza Lapira will be taking on these roles for the sequel.

This casting switch-up has sparked quite the reaction amongst fans online. Many were initially disappointed to hear that Hader and Kaling would not be reprising their roles, given how iconic the two actors had become attached to those characters. But there also seems to be excitement about what Hale and Lapira will bring to the table.

Lapira is best known for comedy roles in shows like Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, while Hale has received acclaim for his performance as the eccentric Buster Bluth in Arrested Development. Their comedic backgrounds have fans optimistic that they can put a fresh spin on Fear and Disgust while still honoring the essences Hader and Kaling established. The two also have voices distinct enough from their predecessors to pave new ground for the characters.

Of course, some diehard fans insist that the original cast can’t be topped. But many are trying to keep an open mind, trusting Pixar made the right call recasting two of Riley’s pivotal emotions. With Hale and Lapira bringing their own flair to the sequel, it seems Fear and Disgust are in for some new adventures inside Riley’s ever-changing mind.

    Recalling the First Film Inside Out

Pixar’s original 2015 film Inside Out took viewers on an emotional journey inside the mind of 11-year-old Riley. The film followed Riley’s personified emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness – as they guided her through a difficult move to San Francisco.

Inside Out was praised for its innovative storytelling and exploration of complex emotions. The film provided a unique visualization of how emotions shape our memories, personality and behaviors. Critics applauded the depth and nuance given to what could have been simplified depictions of feelings.

Inside Out went on to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. It grossed over $850 million worldwide, making it one of Pixar’s highest grossing films. The critical and commercial success of Inside Out made it an instant animated classic.

Audiences connected deeply with the film’s emotional core. Inside Out struck a chord for skillfully representing the emotional struggles many face in life, especially during adolescence. The film brought empathy and understanding to how our emotions shape who we are.

    Anticipation for the Sequel Inside Out 2

Fans have eagerly awaited a sequel to Inside Out since the massive success of the original film in 2015. Development of Inside Out 2 began shortly after the first film’s release, with director Pete Docter indicating that the story team had ideas for continuing Riley’s narrative.

It was announced in 2020 that Kelsey Mann, head of story on the first movie, would be directing Inside Out 2. The script is being penned by original writer Meg LeFauve, marking her return to the franchise. LeFauve has teased that the sequel will expand on themes and ideas they couldn’t fully explore in the first film.

Inside Out 2 is currently slated for release on June 16, 2023, marking an 8-year gap since the original. This extended time allows the sequel to explore Riley at an older age, likely early adolescence based on the original film’s ending. Fans have speculated how her emotional complexity and inner world will have evolved in that time.

The years between films have built eager anticipation to revisit these characters and see new creative directions for emotional storytelling. As Pixar’s sequels have shown (Toy Story 2, The Incredibles 2), there is confidence they can recapture the magic while bringing fresh narrative depth. The emotional stakes are high, but hopes are that Inside Out 2 can deliver an impactful, meaningful story.

    Expected Themes and Impact

“Inside Out 2” looks to continue the first film’s legacy of exploring complex emotional themes through the lens of adolescence. As Riley enters her teenage years, her inner emotional landscape will likely face new challenges and evolutions.

The sequel is expected to highlight mental health issues that commonly arise during adolescence. Anxiety’s introduction as a core emotion inside Riley’s mind indicates the film’s willingness to tackle sensitive topics like anxiety disorders. Pixar seems poised to provide thoughtful commentary on the turbulent emotional state many teenagers experience.

Beyond just anxiety, “Inside Out 2” will likely depict the broader maturation process of Riley’s core emotions. As she navigates new social dynamics, academic pressures, and changing relationships with her parents, each emotion inside her mind will similarly be pushed into new and uncertain territory. Fans anticipate the return of Sadness, Joy, Anger, Fear and Disgust as they guide Riley through the unpredictable emotional phases of adolescence.

    Pixar’s Evolving Narrative

Pixar Studios has steadily built up a reputation for crafting animated films that appeal to both children and adults. While entertaining younger audiences with colorful characters, vibrant worlds, and humor, their movies also tackle complex emotional themes. Films like Up, Inside Out, and Coco resonate deeply with viewers of all ages.

Inside Out was a particularly bold venture into the abstract world of human emotions and psychology. The anthropomorphized emotions of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger gave audiences an insightful and whimsical look into the inner workings of the mind. The upcoming Inside Out 2 seems poised to continue Pixar’s legacy of creating meaningful content that makes an impact.

Centered around the emotional challenges of adolescence, Inside Out 2 has the opportunity to thoughtfully explore issues like anxiety, depression, and the difficulties of growing up. By introducing Anxiety as a new character, the film indicates Pixar’s commitment to shining light on mental health concerns. This contributes to their evolving narrative of marrying entertainment with emotional depth and sensitivity. Fans eagerly anticipate how Inside Out 2 will build upon the poignant foundation of the first film to deliver another resonant, introspective story.


The closing chapter of Riley’s emotional journey is set to make a profound impact when “Inside Out 2” finally releases. Building on the poignant narrative of growing up that captivated audiences in the first film, Pixar’s sequel aims to offer meaningful perspectives on mental health, empathy, and the inner lives we all share yet rarely reveal.

By introducing Anxiety as a core character, the studio continues its evolution in crafting narratives that resonate deeply and truthfully. Far from relying on superficial tropes, “Inside Out 2” seems poised to deliver the insight and nuance that comes with maturing into adolescence and young adulthood. Just as Riley discovers new complexities within her own mind, so too will viewers gain a window into emotional spaces often left unexplored on the big screen.

For families, the film promises both a fun animated adventure and a jumping-off point for vital conversations around mental health awareness. Beyond sheer entertainment, “Inside Out 2” has the potential to foster understanding, validation, and community. By portraying emotions like Anxiety not as enemies to be vanquished, but as parts of oneself waiting compassionately to be understood, Pixar furthers its legacy of creating artful films that matter. When it finally arrives, the impact of seeing our inner selves reflected back so thoughtfully will surely be felt by audiences both young and old.

    Target Audience for Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 will appeal to a wide range of viewers, from families with young children to dedicated animation aficionados. Given the success of the original film, fans of Inside Out will be eager to revisit the world and characters they fell in love with. The movie promises to provide an entertaining experience for all ages, while exploring meaningful themes that resonate with both kids and adults.

In particular, Inside Out 2 is likely to attract those interested in understanding emotions, psychology, and mental health. By introducing the new character Anxiety, the film aims to shed light on internal struggles many face but rarely discuss. Viewers curious about adolescent development and the maturation of emotional responses are sure to connect with Riley’s journey. The sequel intends to showcase the ongoing evolution of our inner emotional landscapes.

Animation fans will also eagerly anticipate Inside Out 2, given Pixar’s reputation for cinematic innovation and visual splendor. The studio is renowned for its ability to craft stories and characters that appeal simultaneously to both children and their parents or guardians. For devoted Pixar followers, this sequel is a continuation of the iconic brand’s legacy. Its high-quality animation and narrative depth will satisfy those seeking more than just mindless entertainment.

Overall, Inside Out 2 is positioned to engage a wide spectrum of viewers seeking an animated adventure that also provides insight into the human condition. From fun-loving families to introspective thinkers, the film offers something for every type of moviegoer.

    Tone and Style

Bringing back the beloved characters of Riley’s emotions, “Inside Out 2” aims to strike a thoughtful yet entertaining tone. The content dives into poignant topics like anxiety and mental health with sensitivity, while still engaging a wide audience.

Casual moviegoers will enjoy the recap of the first film and the introduction of new voice actors. Pixar fans will appreciate the behind-the-scenes look at the sequel’s development. For parents and educators, the discussion around adolescence and emotional growth provides valuable perspective. Yet the article maintains an uplifting spirit true to Pixar’s style.

By spotlighting how the studio pushes animation’s narrative potential, “Inside Out 2” is presented insightfully yet accessibly. The article aims to be informative but not overly technical. Readers should come away feeling a meaningful connection to the human stories and emotions at the film’s core. Just as Riley’s mind expanded in new directions in the first movie, this content reaches for engaging depth.

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