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A new IELTS review platform has been launched in the Philippines.


The British Council of the Philippines has launched a new platform called ‘IELTS Ready: Premium’ to help IELTS takers prepare for the exam.

With IELTS Ready: Premium, registered users will be able to access 40 IELTS timed and untimed mock tests, recorded classes a,nd support by IELTS experts. 

They will also be able to access the following:

  • Writing practice with model answers to show what examiners are looking for to achieve required scores
  • Feedback from IELTS experts on every reading and listening question
  • Tailored support to target areas where test takers need to improve
  • Familiarization videos so test takers are prepared for their test 

The British Council’s data showed that 97% of users who participated in the platform’s pilot run were satisfied with it, and said that it helped them achieve their desired score.

Southeast Asia Regional Exams Manager Samantha Smith said that the platform aims to make IELTS more accessible to Filipinos.

“Alongside opening more test centres, we will provide IELTS Ready Premium to give our Filipino test takers an additional boost to their preparation process to get a great result [the] first time and help them make their dreams come true,” she said.

IELTS is a reliable and accurate assessment of English language proficiency, and it is used by millions of people every year to achieve their goals.

Last March, British Council in the Philippines held the IELTS Fair in multiple locations in the country after two years of hiatus.



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