Heart Evangelista chats with Kevin Kwan after appearing on the cover of “Vogue.”

Heart Evangelista chats with Kevin Kwan after appearing on the cover of “Vogue.”

Heart Evangelista's Most Recent Instagram Vogue Post

Heart Evangelista, a Filipino actress, artist, and style icon, dazzled the fashion world once again with a recent Instagram photo she shared with Vogue.

Vogue’s Instagram collaboration with Heart Evangelista exudes sophistication and elegance. Her post reveals a sophisticated yet ethereal style that expertly combines elements of both classic and current fashion. Her innate sense of style and glamor is showcased by the flawless styling and gorgeous touches.

Heart Evangelista’s fashion choices, which showcase her own sense of style and flare, frequently combine grace and daring. She stands out as a pioneer and influencer in the fashion industry because of her ability to elevate the ordinary into the spectacular.

Thanks to her enormous following and tremendous influence, Heart Evangelista’s fashion choices frequently set trends and inspire millions.

Her ability to blend different aspects together without losing her uniqueness is unmatched.

LOUIS VUITTON long-sleeved glossy vinyl combishort. Photo by Fabien Montique, source: Vogue

After Heart Evangelista appeared on the November cover of Vogue Philippines, Kevin Kwan wrote this post.

Author of Crazy Rich Asians Kevin Kwan wrote a piece for Heart Evangelista, who was featured on the cover of the November issue of Vogue Philippines.

“They had style, they had grace, Heart Evangelista gave a good face. Don’t just stand there, get right to it, strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Vogue! @iamhearte on the cover of @voguephilippines!” he tweeted.

After that, Heart commented on the page, writing, “My dearest Kevin ❤️ I miss you so much:) love you always and thank you for being one of the very first who believed in me ❤️.”


Thanks to her enormous following and tremendous influence, Evangelista’s fashion choices frequently set trends and inspire millions. Her ability to blend different aspects together without losing her uniqueness is unmatched.

Instagram serves as Heart Evangelista’s canvas, where she paints stories through her fashion escapades. Her posts not only display her sartorial choices but also serve as a source of inspiration for those seeking to express themselves uniquely through fashion.

The interactive and engaging nature of Evangelista’s posts fosters a strong connection with her followers. The behind-the-scenes glimpses, relatable narratives, and personal touch in her content strategy establish a genuine bond with her audience.

LOUIS VUITTON Boutis circle blouse and Boutis overskirt, and half boot in suede calf leather. Photo by Fabien Montique, source: Vogue

Remember that in 2018, Kevin cast Heart in a Harper’s Bazaar feature? The actress claims that this helped her obtain more roles in the fashion sector.

“Usually when I attend fashion shows or they give me clothes to wear, I get like the leftovers… I mean, I’m very grateful just for them to invite me and send me clothes. But then after the Harper’s Bazaar [feature] there’s a complete change,” she told Tatler Philippines on Facebook Live in the year 2020.

“I would get first pick, they make me pick whatever I want, and I just didn’t get what I was given. That was because of that. And it makes a huge difference… I feel that the stage can still be shared more with the Filipinos, and you did that for us. So thank you [Kevin],” she stated

Vogue Philippines: November 2023 Issue

Kevin further encouraged Heart to try out for a part in the Crazy Rich Asians movie.

Kevin told Heart in the latter’s February YouTube video, “I really felt we needed representation from as many Asian countries, so I have requested that we get you to audition.”

The writer continued: “And you know we were casting internationally and I said, ‘You know there are so many talented, amazing Filipino actors who are huge stars.’ You were on the hot list. So that was how it started.”

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Heart Evangelista wears Self-Portrait

As an influencer and a multifaceted personality, Hear Evangelista’s contribution to the fashion industry goes beyond the surface glamour. Her collaborations, advocacies, and artistic endeavors signify a legacy that goes beyond the confines of fashion.

Heart Evangelista’s recent Instagram Vogue post once again reinforces her impact and enduring influence in the fashion world. Her ability to blend art, fashion, and social consciousness distinguishes her as a luminary in the industry.

Heart Evangelista’s looks and photos by Justin Louise Soriano, Source: Philstar



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