Guisadong Bato is Now a Popular Street Food in China

Guisadong Bato

Are you one of those who wondered when you saw fried stones?

Guisadong Bato now trending food delicacy in China is now the talk of the town because of its rare ingredient that is tough! How come its substance is stone? This is the ‘Suodiu’ or ‘dish of rocks,’ where the rocks are fried using ingredients such as garlic, chili oil, and other spices. 

This food is believed to have started several hundred years ago and has become ingrained in Chinese culture. It is said to have been invented by ancient fishermen who, whenever they ran out of food or were stranded while boating, would fry rocks as food. The word ‘sodium’ means ‘suck’ and ‘dispose’ or suck and throw away. 

This is the process of eating it because when the stones are tasteless, you will spit them out. After sucking it, you don’t need to return the stones to where you bought them because you can take them home and keep them as souvenirs. Apart from the spices used, it also has a unique taste and smell like seafood when it is sautéed. In terms of price, sodium costs 17 yuan or about P130 per order.-CHIKA MINUTE

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