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Three injured as electric post collapses in Binondo, Manila

Meralco poles that collapsed in Binondo, causing injuries to three people, have now been cleared, according to recent reports.

The incident occurred in Binondo, Manila, resulting in minor injuries to three individuals. After the incident, the authorities swiftly took action to clear the collapsed power poles from the streets.

As of the latest update, Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz in Binondo is now accessible, and the streets surrounding the public square and Binondo Church have been reopened to the public. The Manila Public Information Office confirmed the restoration of passability in the affected areas.

Following the accident, the three injured individuals were promptly taken to a hospital for medical attention. Meanwhile, local authorities are actively investigating the cause of the pole collapse to prevent similar incidents in the future.

The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) assured that despite the unfortunate event, their services were not disrupted. In the interest of safety, power was temporarily shut off in the vicinity to facilitate rescue operations and ensure the safety of the residents and responders.

Meralco and the Manila Public Information Office jointly reported that the collapse of eight power poles occurred around 12:41 p.m. on the mentioned day. The falling poles also damaged several vehicles in the area.

In response to the incident, Meralco has acted promptly to replace the damaged poles. Restoration works have been completed, and normal power services have been fully restored to the affected customers.

The authorities are continuing to monitor the situation and have urged the public to remain cautious while traversing the cleared areas in Binondo.

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