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Egay Wreaks Havoc in Cordillera: Abra and Apayao Bear the Brunt of the Storm’s Impact


Abra Provincial Board Proclaims State of Calamity Amidst Widespread Devastation

Abra, Philippines – In the aftermath of Tropical Storm Egay, the provinces of Abra and Apayao in the Cordillera region of the Philippines faced a grim reality as the toll of the disaster became apparent.

The storm’s impact was particularly devastating in Abra, where more than 180,000 individuals were reported to be affected, and in Apayao, where 4,400 residents were severely impacted.

In Abra, a total of 154 barangays across 19 municipalities felt the brunt of the storm’s fury.

The torrential rains triggered landslides and flash floods, leaving communities in hilly and mountainous areas vulnerable and isolated.

Roads were impassable, making it difficult for rescuers to reach those in need, and essential supplies were scarce.

The province faced significant challenges in providing aid and relief to its affected residents due to the widespread damage to infrastructure and communication networks.


Homes bear the brunt of heavy rains and strong winds as the province of Apayao faces the aftermath of a devastating storm.

Similarly, Apayao, with its own unique geographical challenges, experienced the devastating consequences of Egay’s wrath.

The storm’s torrential downpour led to flooding in low-lying areas, displacing thousands and causing damage to homes and livelihoods.

Rescue and relief operations were hampered by the difficult terrain, making the situation even more dire for those in need of assistance.

The national government, along with various aid organizations, promptly mobilized resources to provide emergency shelters, food, and medical supplies to those affected in both provinces.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines played a crucial role in conducting search and rescue operations and delivering much-needed relief goods to isolated areas.

According to state disaster management officials, the combined impacts of Storm Egay and the enhanced southwest monsoon, also known as habagat, have resulted in a tragic loss of 14 lives.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) has also confirmed that it is currently in the process of verifying information regarding 13 individuals who were reportedly injured and 20 others who are listed as missing. –

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