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De Lima Granted Bail After 6 Years of Unjust Detention

De Lima Granted Bail After 6years

Leila De Lima, a Philippine senator, has been facing legal challenges, including allegations related to involvement in illegal drugs. The decision by the Muntinlupa court to grant her the opportunity to post bail suggests a legal development that may have considered various factors, such as evidence presented, legal arguments, or changes in circumstances.

De Lima works to rebuild her life following a Muntinlupa court’s granting of her bail, human rights groups and minority lawmakers have sounded a rallying cry to hold her jailers accountable for subjecting her to what they have described as an unjust and prolonged detention.

After more than six years in detention over alleged ties to the New Bilibid Prison illegal drug trade, former Senator Leila de Lima is slated for release. The Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court Branch 206 has approved her petition for bail in her final drug case, overturning the previous denial by Judge Romeo Buenaventura.

The motions for reconsideration, initially denied on June 7, were granted, allowing De Lima, former Bureau of Corrections director Franklin Jesus Bucayu, former aides Ronnie Dayan and Joenel Sanchez, and alleged bagman Jose Adrian Dera to post bail at P300,000 each. Presiding Judge Gener Gito, who signed the order, also presided over Bucayu’s motion to quash. Notably, on October 12, witnesses Rodolfo Magleo and Nonilo Arile withdrew their testimonies, alleging De Lima’s involvement in the illegal drug trade, citing concerns about their conscience.

On October 12, a message was conveyed to De Lima, assuring her that they do not wish for her to fall victim to a mistrial. The message indicated that pertinent information would be disclosed at the appropriate time, with a firm assurance that the final case against her would be dismissed.

De Lima, who has been in detention for six years and eight months since February 2017, has faced three drug cases. Notably, she was acquitted in the first two cases. The acquittal in the second case came after Rafael Ragos, a former Bureau of Corrections officer-in-charge and a key witness against her, retracted his previous allegations.

According to Boni Tacardon, the legal representative of Leila De Lima, the former senator and justice secretary still have to undergo certain “procedural steps” for her release, which involve going to Camp Crame in Quezon City.

Tacardon expressed confidence that Senator Leila De Lima will finally receive the justice she deserves, and after seven years of detention, her time behind bars will come to an end today. He further mentioned that she will be returning home on the same day.

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