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Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia appeared on stage with their two-year-old son, Amari on “It’s Showtime” after two years.


Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia appeared on stage with their two-year-old son, Amari on “It’s Showtime” after two years, bringing tears to the studio audience when Vice Ganda and Billy reunited. In November 2021, it was reported that Vice Ganda and Billy Crawford had stopped following each other on Instagram.

In the midst of swirling rumors about a rift between Vice Ganda and Billy Crawford, the truth emerges: the two are not at odds. It all began when Billy left ABS-CBN for TV5 to embark on new hosting ventures, including “Masked Singer Pilipinas” and the rival noontime show, “Launch Out Loud.” Speculation was rife, but Billy Crawford was quick to clarify that his departure from ABS-CBN was a result of his contract coming to its natural conclusion, devoid of any burnt bridges.

Vice Ganda, eager to dispel any doubts, candidly spoke up, assuring the public that all was well between them. “Lingid po sa kaalaman ninyo, okay na okay na kami ni Billy,” Vice Ganda affirmed. Their camaraderie was intact, untouched by the shifting tides of networks and shows. What followed was a poignant reflection on the power of healing.

Vice Ganda’s words resonated deeply, transcending the sphere of showbiz gossip. They invited us all to contemplate the significance of reconciliation in our own lives. “Basta okay na kami,” Vice Ganda continued, reminding us that the path to peace often lies in acknowledging the bonds that endure, regardless of circumstances. The message was clear: it was time for us to consider extending an olive branch to those we hold dear.

The concept of healing took center stage, offering a beacon of hope to a world grappling with its own fractures. Vice Ganda’s revelation served as a testament to the strength that lies in rebuilding relationships, even when the path may seem uncertain. It was an intimate insight into the depth of their connection, one that had weathered storms and emerged stronger for it.


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“Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia are very important person sa buhay ko,” Vice Ganda proclaimed, laying bare the profound impact that their friendship held. This sentiment struck a chord with many, for it echoed the universal truth that cherished relationships are the cornerstone of our existence. In the grand tapestry of life, friends like Billy and Coleen are the threads that bind us together.

The heartfelt declaration reached its crescendo with a proclamation of love. “At the end of the day, Billy and Coleen are my best friends and I love them very much,” Vice Ganda declared. In those words, there was a vulnerability, a rawness that laid bare the depth of their affection. It was a reminder that love, in all its forms, has the power to heal wounds and bridge divides.

And so, Vice Ganda’s message transcended the realm of celebrity gossip, evolving into a powerful testament to the human capacity for reconciliation and healing. It was a call to action for us all, an invitation to reflect on the relationships that define us and the potential for renewal that lies within them.

In offering the gift of their reconnection to the world, Vice Ganda and Billy Crawford became beacons of hope and inspiration. Their story served as a reminder that in a world often marred by discord, the bonds that endure are the ones that hold the power to heal. Through their words, they gifted us not only a glimpse into their own journey of reconciliation but also a blueprint for fostering unity and love in our own lives.

When Billy Crawford revealed that it was his father who encouraged him to mend things with Vice Ganda, it added a deeply touching layer to their story. Expressing his gratitude, Billy marked a significant milestone in their relationship. He acknowledged the profound realizations he had come to in recent months, a perspective shaped by a visit to his father in the United States. The uncertainty surrounding his father’s time on this earth weighed heavily on Billy, reinforcing the urgency of his father’s plea for reconciliation.

In Billy’s eyes, his father’s advice went beyond personal control; it was a force beyond both his and Vice’s influence. He saw it as a divine orchestration, an intervention by a higher power. This perspective painted their journey towards reconciliation as part of a larger cosmic plan.

Billy Crawford also paid tribute to “It’s Showtime,” the platform that had not only been the stage for their professional endeavors but had also paved the way for him to find his own family within the show’s community. It was within the confines of the show that he had met Coleen, who would go on to become his wife and the cornerstone of his family. This acknowledgment underscored the profound impact the show had on his personal life.

Addressing the past rift, Billy extended an apology to the “Madlang People” and the Kapamilya community. His words were steeped in humility, a pledge to mend fences and a commitment to prioritize the well-being of his own family. It was a heartfelt admission of his own imperfections and a declaration of his dedication to those he held dear.

The timeline of events, including the unfollowing incident on Instagram in November 2019, served as a reminder of the public nature of their relationship. The subsequent announcement of Billy’s network transfer via Vice’s YouTube channel demonstrated the solidarity between them, with Vice assuring Billy Crawford that their bond transcended professional affiliations.

However, a turning point emerged with the departure of “It’s Showtime” director Bobet Vidanes to helm the TV5 rival show, “Lunch Out Loud,” hosted by Billy Crawford. This transition appeared to introduce a new dynamic, with Bobet’s departure sparking indirect criticism from Vice due to his stated reasons for leaving the show.

The unfolding narrative between Vice Ganda and Billy Crawford served as a powerful reminder of the complexities inherent in human relationships, even within the glitzy world of showbiz. It underscored the capacity for growth, forgiveness, and healing, and highlighted the importance of family, whether chosen or blood-related. Above all, it emphasized the potential for unity and reconciliation, even in the face of shifting circumstances and professional affiliations.


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