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Alex Gonzaga Opens Up About Her 2nd Miscarriage

Alex Gonzaga  and husband Mikee Morada's In-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments proved unsuccessful in their quest for parenthood.

 A D V E R T I S E M E N T

Manila, Philippines — In a recent video interview with her sister Toni Gonzaga on YouTube in November 5, Alex Gonzaga revealed that she has suffered from a second miscarriage. The couple had been trying to conceive through in-vitro fertilization (IVF), but the procedure was unsuccessful.

Alex Gonzaga and husband Mikee Morado

“During that time, I felt so pressured to get pregnant,” Alex shared in Toni Talks. “I was pressured by people asking, ‘Isn’t she pregnant yet?'”

Alex Gonzaga assured her sister and viewers that she has come to terms with the miscarriage. “I’ve made peace with it,” she said. “I know that my faith in the Lord is stronger than my pain.”


In a heartfelt conversation with her sister Toni Gonzaga, actress Alex Gonzaga opened up about her recent experience with in vitro fertilization (IVF), revealing that the procedure did not result in a pregnancy. Alex shared emotional clips of herself and her husband, Mikee Morada, receiving positive pregnancy tests, only to be met with disappointment later on.

“First punta namin, ano e, walang nakikita e. Tapos may nakitang mass, sa fallopian tube. Tapos nakikita ko hindi na maganda ‘yung mga nangyayari,” Alex said. 

Alex Gonzaga recalled hearing the doctors discuss medical terms she couldn’t grasp, which raised her suspicions that something was amiss with her pregnancy. The unfamiliar language served as a warning sign that all was not well.

“So alam ko na may something wrong doon sa second pregnancy. Sabi nila, we have to wait. Ganon din nangyari sa amin sa first pregnancy namin. We have to wait another week to see baka naman it’s slow,” she told her sister. 

alex gonzaga

Alex Gonzaga revealed her first miscarriage in October 2021, prompting her sister Toni to inquire about the reason behind her decision to undergo IVF. Alex Gonzaga explained that she drew inspiration from former US First Lady Michelle Obama, who openly shared her own struggles with infertility and her successful IVF journey.

“Nag-decide akong mag-IVF kasi nakita ko si Michelle Obama. Basta nakita ko lang nu’ng sinabi niya na nagkaroon siya ng miscarriage tapos after 2 years, hindi sila makapag-conceive ni Barrack (former US President). So sabi niya, mag-IVF siya. So by 34, nag-conceive siya. Tapos by 36, nag-conceive siya. Through IVF pareho ‘yung anak nila. Kasi nga, ayaw na niya mag-waste ng time,” Alex explained.

“Kailangan ko nang madiliin ito with the help of science,” she added. Alex disclosed that societal expectations to become pregnant had exerted pressure on her, leading to her desire for a quick conception.

Alex expressed her newfound admiration for individuals who have undertaken the challenges of IVF, recognizing the strength and resilience required to navigate the process.

“Makita ‘yung hardship ng nanay through IVF. Daming pinagdaanan na hormonal imbalance. Bawal gawin para mabuo ka finally. Kaya grabe respect ko sa mga nanay na pinagdaanan niya. So ‘yun ‘yung nakakaiyak sa akin kasi gagawin ko uli ‘yung another 12 sessions,” she added. 

Alex expressed her heartfelt gratitude for her husband Mikee’s unwavering support throughout her IVF journey, emphasizing how he never made her feel responsible for the setbacks they faced.

“Si Mikee pwede nang bigyan ng…kasi napakabait niyan. Sabi niya, ‘Okay ako.’ Sabi ko, ‘Mikee, I’m sorry. Hindi na naman natuloy.’ (He replies with) ‘Hoy, ano ka ba, hindi mo kailangan mag-sorry. Dami pa nating embryo. Go lang,'” Alex said. 

Their journey as a couple began with an engagement in January 2020, culminating in their wedding ceremony in November 2021.



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