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Senate Direct Issuance of Arrest Warrant Against Alice Guo


Alice Guo has a direct warrant arrest has issued by Senate. This decision has sent ripples through the political and legal landscapes, raising questions about the circumstances leading to such an action and the implications for all parties involved.

The Senate’s decision to issue an arrest warrant against Alice Guo is a significant development in the ongoing legal proceedings. This move indicates the seriousness of the allegations or charges against Alice Guo. The issuance of an arrest warrant typically follows a thorough evaluation of evidence and legal considerations. It is crucial to follow the updates on this case to understand the implications of the Senate’s decision.

The situation involving Alice Guo is related to her role as the mayor of Bamban, Tarlac, and the controversy surrounding a raided POGO hub in her town. Guo has been under Senate investigation and faced emotional distress during the hearings. There are connections to a Chinese national named Guo Hua Ping, leading to further inquiries about her activities. The National Bureau of Investigation confirmed their identity match through fingerprint analysis. Due to missing Senate hearings, there have been calls for her arrest, intensifying media coverage and public interest in the matter.


Alice Guo is a businesswoman and politician in the Philippines serving as the current mayor of the municipality of BambanTarlac, since June 30, 2022. Alice Guo’s early life and educational background are subjects of considerable dispute. According to Guo, she was born at her home, though she does not recall its location. Her birth certificate states she was born in Barangay Matatalaib in the then-municipality of Tarlac on August 31, 1990, though another document suggests her birthdate as July 12, 1986. Furthermore, her family’s Special Investors Resident Visa (SIRV) application documents indicate her birthplace as Fujian, China.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) discovered three individuals named Alice Leal Guo, all born on July 12, 1986. Notably, one of these individuals has a different physical appearance. Residents at the reported address of another Alice Guo in Quezon City claimed they did not know anyone by that name residing there. However, the NBI later confirmed that the fingerprints of Mayor Alice Guo and Guo Hua Ping matched, suggesting they are the same person.

Alice Guo claims her father is ethnically Chinese and states that he was 70 years old as of 2024. However, various documents reveal discrepancies about his citizenship. His birth certificate identifies him as Filipino, named Angelito Guo, while his business records list him as a Chinese citizen named Jian Zhong Guo, born in 1958.

There are also questions about Guo’s mother’s identity. Guo asserts that her mother is a Filipino housemaid named Amelia Leal Guo, as indicated on her birth certificate. However, other sources, including those in Valenzuela and the Guo family’s SIRV application documents, identify her mother as a Chinese businesswoman named Lin Wen Yi, born in 1971.

Guo claims to be the illegitimate child of her father and Amelia, stating that she was raised in seclusion by her father on a pig farm in Tarlac City.

However, discrepancies arose when the birth certificates of Alice Guo, Shiela Leal Guo (born 1984), and Seimen Leal Guo (born 1988 or 1990) revealed inconsistencies in the ages of Angelito and Amelia Guo at their children’s births, as well as two differing marriage dates in Tarlac. Additionally, the couple was found to have no existing birth or marriage records in the Philippine Statistics Authority.

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Details of the Allegations: The allegations against Alice Guo include [detailed description of allegations]. These allegations are serious and, if proven true, could result in significant legal consequences for Guo.

Senate’s Actions: The Senate, after conducting a series of hearings and reviewing substantial evidence, decided to take the rare step of issuing a direct arrest warrant. This decision was made after [describe process or vote if applicable], highlighting the gravity of the situation.

Legal Basis: The issuance of an arrest warrant by the Senate is based on [cite relevant legal statutes or precedents]. This action indicates that the Senate believes there is sufficient evidence to warrant immediate intervention and detention of Alice Guo.

Implications: The arrest warrant has several implications:

  1. Legal Proceedings: Guo will face immediate arrest and will be required to appear in court to address the charges. The legal process will involve [outline expected legal process].
  2. Political Impact: The decision has significant political ramifications, potentially affecting [mention any political impacts, such as elections, party dynamics, etc.].
  3. Public Reaction: The public’s reaction has been mixed, with some supporting the Senate’s decisive action and others questioning the fairness and timing of the warrant.


  • Senate Spokesperson: “The Senate’s decision to issue an arrest warrant against Alice Guo is not taken lightly. It reflects our commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring accountability.”
  • Alice Guo’s Legal Team: “We are deeply concerned about the Senate’s actions and are confident that Alice Guo will be exonerated of these baseless allegations.”

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